Victoria Duffee b.NYC 1988 lives and works in Oslo Norway
Victoria Duffee’s textile assemblages incorporate weaving, painting and small metal sculpture. Through the installation of these works in a space, she plays with the projected feminized attributes of handicrafts, interiors and fashion, and the idea of modern life as an illusion.

By deconstructing and reassembling soft objects and materials that have been, or can become, intertwined in daily life, such as jewelry, clothing and home textiles, the object’s potential relation to the body, and memory emerges.

Her paintings are often applied with dyes onto silky materials, she refers to the figure, and replaces it with the depictions of nature or symbols that have a historical or personal significance.

She is also involved in creating a series of texts which meander between personal stories, useless geographical information and art criticism. These works have been published in small publications internationally but they began when she and Andreas Breivik co-founded an art criticism magazine in 2016 titled Vi Ser På Kunst.

Victoria Duffee’s work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Oslo, New York City, and Los Angeles, including an exhibition at Yale university in 2013, Tableau Paper release utstilling in 2016, and at the Høstlys kunstfestival i Groruddalen. In 2018, the artist collaborated with the clothing brand HAiK W/ by producing wearable sand casted bronze sculptures for their winning runway show at Oslo Runway. This October, Duffee will have her first solo exhibition in Norway at Salgshallen, Oslo. In the summer of 2021 she is scheduled to have a larger scale solo exhibition at the Buer Gallery in Oslo.


School Of Visual Arts, New York, NY 2010
BFA Fine Arts
Kunsthøskogen i Oslo, Oslo Norway 2018
MFA Kunst og Handverk, Textile

Solo and institutional exhibitions
2021  Solo Exhibition, Buer Gallery
2020  Solo Exhibition, Salgshallen, Oslo
2019  Groudalen Hostlys Kunst Festival, Oslo
2016  Weird Sisters, Frances Boeske Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Group Exhibitions
2021  Two person exhibition at East Hampton Shed, New York City
2020 Group exhibition, Buer Gallery, Oslo, Norway

Behind the Times, Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York City
Artists and Recipe, curated by Abby Lloyd
Group exhibition in support of Refugees in Corona Crisis, Salghallen,  Oslo

2019 Juleutstilling, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2018 Hidden Valley, 00LA, Los Angeles

Pocket Object, traveling exhibition, USA
Art Athena, Athens
Avgangutstilling, KHiO, Oslo

2017 Juleutstilling, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (Upcoming)

GIFC Kiosk Sale, Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo (Upcoming)
Secret Garden: A Biennial, Oslo
Got it for Cheap, The Hole, NYC
Collaboration with Bas Van Beck, The Lost Museum, Kunsthall Oslo
TableauShop in shop, F5 Concept store, Oslo
Agatha Issue one Launch, The THEIF, Oslo
Natures Bounty, 00 LA, Los Angeles
Body Without Organs, Curated by Rives Granade, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles

2016 WTF Just Happened, Oslo

Re-Decoration , Tableau Paper Show, Oslo
Agnes B’s Gallerie du Jour, Paris, France
Got it For Cheap,  HAiK W/ Studios, Oslo
Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden GOT IT 4 CHEAP,
David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen
Cicada Screen, Java Project, Brooklyn, NY
Video Festival, Seoul, Korea
Got it For Cheap , Carlos Queso Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 #Artistsbelike, curated by Loney Abrams, Nurtureart, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Crypsis, Needle Factory, Boston, MA

Greenpoint Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
MYst3Ry GRL, Call Box, Brooklyn NY
Boston Zine Fest, Boston, MA
O bj (etc…)s of(A ff etc…) ion), Gordilloscudder, Brooklyn, NY
I Have Never Been to heaven, Kremer Pigments, NY
Paintingwall (Janus ), Touch Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Contemporary Sculpture 2013, Chesterwood, Stockbridge, MA
Zine Semine, Rats
Blow Out, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Open House, Salon 151, Brooklyn, NY
100 NYC ARTISTS – SMALL WORKS, Pop Up Art Shop Barranquilla, Colombia.
Collaborations, Trestle Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Don’t Be a Ham, Family Business gallery,

Collaborative Concepts, The Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY
Jacket Show, Feul Gallery, New Haven, CT
Down to the Sunless Sea, Green Gallery, YALE University, New Haven CT

2011 Spaghetti Suicide: The Funeral, Y gallery, NY
2010 aNYthing zine festival, aNYthing, New York, NY

Collaborative Concepts, the Saunders Farm show Garrison, NY
The Degenerate Crafts Fair, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

2009 I’m OK with Myself, SVA Gallery, New York, NY
2007 Foundation Sculpture Show, honorable mention, SVA, New York, NY

Curatorial Projects
WAVVYWAVVY co-curated with Charlie Roberts, Los Angeles, CA, January 2015
F_K_U , Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, NY July, 2014
A Voice Calls From Nowhere , Splatterpool, Brooklyn, NY, March, 2014
Spaghetti Suicide: The Funeral , Y Gallery, New York, NY, December, 2011

2020 Elton, Lars. Tverrsnitt av en generasjon, Kunstavisen, jun 05 2020
Perspektiv, Klassekampen, June 2020
Redaksjonen, Black Box med teaterverksteder for barn og unge,, April 2020
2019 Karima Furuseth, Dette magasinet vil puste humor inn i kunstkritikken, 17,01,19
2018 LAIRD BORRELLI-PERSSON, Haikw/ Wins the 2018 Bik Bok Runway Award in Oslo, Vogue, August 18, 2018
Krager, Caroline + Jacobson, Kristine, Style section, D2
2016 Særnblom, Jim. Dagsavisen. Alt henger sammen med alt. 26/11/2016.TABLEAU, October 2016
2014 Leone, Karl, Exhibition Recap: F_K_U, Create Collect  , August 2014
2013 McQuaid, Cate, What’s Up at Art Galleries, The Boston Globe, October Avedisian, Alexis, Evading Detection in the Digital Panopticon Hyperallergic, October 10, 2013

2011 Collaborative concepts Group Catalogue, Garrison, NY 2011

Chart Art Fair Catalogue, Contributing essayist, August 2020
Kunstårbok: Avgang 27, Interviewed artist, 2019
Vi Ser På Kunst, Co creator with Andreas Breivik, January 2019
Vi Ser På Kunst, Co creator with Andreas Breivik, December 2017
Mystery Girl, Co creator with Brigid Moore and Abby Lloyd, October, 2014
Women, Co-creator with Abigail Lloyd, Abigail&Victoria, November 2013.
Spaghetti Suicide, Editor in chief/ contributor, issues 1-5, group art exhibition magazine, New York, NY

Hjelp! Det er Julemarked!, Kunsthall Oslo, Norway 2019
Summer Workshops at Rostockgate Sculpture Park, Kunsthall Oslo 2019
Secret Garden Biennale, Co Curated with Maria Pasenau, Oslo Norway 2017
WAVVYWAVVY co-curated with Charlie Roberts, Los Angeles, CA, January 2015
F_K_U, Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, NY July, 2014
A Voice Calls From Nowhere, Splatterpool, Brooklyn, NY, March, 2014
Spaghetti Suicide: The Funeral, Y Gallery, New York, NY, December, 2011

Previous Grants
Ekstraordinær utlysning i forbindelse med koronakrisen 100,000NOK
Kulturrådet: Kunst – og Kulturkritikk
Vi Ser På Kunst 120,000 NOK

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Coming Soon

Kunsten som presenteres inkluderer ulike medier som maleri, tegning, foto, skulptur, installasjon, performance, tekstil og glass.

Galleriet er eid og drives av Tonje Buer.